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Welcome to Whyte & Co

Established in 1981 Whyte & Co is a progressive civil enforcement company whose management team have many years of experience within the enforcement industry.

Latest News

May 14 - Whyte & Co film “Angry Britain” with Channel 5

This week enforcement agents have been out filming with Channel 5 for a programme focusing on aggressive behaviour towards frontline staff in the UK.

Filmed recovering unpaid penalty charge notices for local authorities you can see how these debtors reacted to our staff later this year

May 14 - Whyte & Co take delivery of the latest in video audio recording technology

VideoBadge2 has been developed to address specific needs and has enhanced features for capturing evidence when recording an incident:

  • 150° wide angle viewpoint - sees more of the action, ideal for use in crowds
  • Pre-record function - enables full capture of incidents from instigation
  • Easy to use on/off switch - allows swift activation when required

In addition VideoBadge2 has all the functionality you would expect from a body worn video system from Edesix:

  • Evidential quality video and audio recording
  • Secure encryption and data management
  • 8 hours recording time
  • 72 hours battery standby
  • Day and night operation
  • Robust and weatherproof

Alan Wood, Director of Development said: "After three successful years using Video Badge 1 Whyte & Co are proud to be one of the first organisations in the UK to take delivery of this great new device, our operational staff and customers will continue to receive the benefits and protection from this level of transparency."

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"Whyte & Co have delivered Medway council with a professionally tailored service whilst collecting Unpaid Council Tax, Housing benefit and Non Domestic Rates. Their enforcement agents are skilled and competent in their work, and adapt to situations presented to them in a professional manner. We have always found the assistance given by the administrative staff and managers accommodating and helpful when dealing with our enquiries."

Karen Powell, Senior Recovery and Business Rates Officer, Medway Revenues and Benefits Service, Medway Council

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